Formula Response Form Direction/Guidance

All correction requests to the FY 2025 Formula Response Form data must be submitted by August 1, 2024. The August 1, 2024, deadline is important in ensuring that there is enough time to run the FY 2025 IHBG final allocations accurately and on time. Should you have any additional comments or questions, please contact the IHBG Formula Customer Service Center at 800-410-8808 or


To find your Tribe’s Formula Response Form, please utilize the search bar OR find your appropriate Area Office region, click the “+” sign to expand the list, and links to each Tribe’s allocation will appear sorted alphabetically.


The TDHE section compiles individual Tribe’s Formula Response Forms by TDHE. To find your TDHE, please utilize the search bar OR click the “+” sign to expand the list, to find the TDHEs sorted alphabetically.

In addition to the Formula Response Form, the FY 2025 Estimate Packet also includes the following documents linked below:


Alaska (AKONAP)

Chicago (EWONAP)

Denver (NPONAP)

Oklahoma (SPONAP)

Phoenix (SWONAP)

Seattle (NWONAP)

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